SVCC Impact Program Sign Up Opens

The sign-up period for the SVCC Impact Program is now open.

The Impact Program at Sauk Valley Community College is a transformative program happening in the Sauk Valley. In addition to providing thousands of much-needed volunteers to our communities (and based on the successes of hundreds of similar programs across the country), the SVCC Impact Program is projected not only to dramatically increase the pool of trained, qualified workers so prized by present and future employers, but also to retain and attract businesses and families for years to come.   

The Impact Program is an earned tuition program that provides eligible students the opportunity to earn tuition and fees for up to three years, or until they earn their career technical certificate or transfer degree at Sauk Valley Community College.

How do student qualify?

  • Register for the program by September 1 of their freshman year
  • Progress with the rest of their class (graduate on time or early)
  • Participate in 100 hours of community service before high school graduation (25 hours per year)
  • Graduate from a high school or home school program located within the SVCC district
  • Apply for at least one other local/state/national scholarship
  • Complete the FAFSA—if ineligible to apply for FAFSA—complete the FAFSA forecaster

For more information and to sign up: 

Click here or visit