Who’s Hiring

The Sauk Valley Area offers employment in many different industry sectors.  From education, healthcare and manufacturing to insurance, finance & banking, marketing, IT, accounting, and more, many careers options are available throughout the Sauk Valley area.

Sauk Valley Employer Spotlight…

VeriFacts is a women-owned small business that strives to take an active role in developing an employee-first culture. We believe that a positive, supportive, employee-centric work experience is the source from which everything else flows. It has been a joy and privilege to watch the growth that has taken place over the last two years within our people individually and in our company. What we have seen in action is the fruition of what we already believed: investing in your team on a genuine, personal level takes intentional effort, but it returns in loyalty, client satisfaction, employee retention, and long-term growth. Learn more… https://vfacts.com/building-an-employee-centric-culture/

Specific Job Opening:

VeriFacts, LLC Senior IT Support Manager Position

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– DD Homes Network

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– Hughes Resources


– Micron

Morningside of Sterling

– Raynor Garage Doors

Regional Office of Education (Lee/Ogle/Whiteside Counties)

Sauk Valley Community College

Sedona Staffing

– Sinnissippi Centers

– Sterling Federal Bank